GE Introduces Intecal™ for Industry Calibration Management Software

Billerica, Massachusetts, May 20, 2005.

GE Infrastructure Sensing, a leading provider of calibration instruments and services is pleased to announce the launch of the new Calibration Management Software application, Intecal for Industry (i4i). Intecal for Industry (i4i) is a Calibration Management Software (CMS) application designed to maintain and control calibration environment to the highest standards of metrology. Especially adapted for the process industry, it is compatible with the complete range of Druck portable documenting calibrators and can be used to validate process transmitters, sensors, gauges, and recorders, etc.

“Intecal for Industry provides our customers with a robust calibration management software package to complement our extensive line of portable calibrators” says Jim Henke, product manager for GE Infrastructure Sensing. “It is a tool to help our customers further automate their test procedures by generating calibration procedures, scheduling work orders and creating permanent documentation of the results. These features also assists customers with compliance to quality systems such as ISO 9000, and others - helping them insure accurate calibration results while saving time and money in the process through increased automation.”

The software is freely available from a dedicated website, The application can be downloaded free of charge and will allow customers to run the fully functional i4i program, create a database with up to 25 devices, and try out all the features. For managing more than 25 instruments, customers can simply register and purchase an installation key that will provide calibration management software for an unlimited number of instruments.