GE Mentor EM. More experience in every inspection.

Put expertise right in your hands. GE Mentor EM allows you to easily access on-device workflow applications that efficiently and accurately capture electromagnetic inspection data.

customize on-device workflow applications
Easily readable touchscreen display that works while wearing gloves
Instantly connect with other experts
Base your next steps on real-time readings
Immediately access your service bulletins
Easily download software upgrades


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Innovative Design
A New Approach
Instant Collaboration
Find what you're looking for, easily.

The all-new GE Mentor EM redefines eddy current inspection with its excellent signal-to-noise ratio and high-resolution display that’s easy to see in any light. It incorporates user-designed-application workflows, and onboard Wi-Fi capability so that inspectors of all levels can easily communicate with each other. Plus an off-the-shelf lithium-ion battery with battery energy content of less than 100Wh, means you can easily transport the Mentor EM on aircraft and helicopter.