Thermal Validation & Environmental Monitoring

Thermal Validation and Environmental Monitoring

Validation & Environmental Monitoring Product Overview

The Kaye product range including moisture meters, testers and sensors are designed to meet the most demanding industrial requirements for process improvement, thermal validation and reporting. Specializing in providing turnkey system solutions and supporting them with unmatched technical service, we offer a complete range of temperature standards, baths, thermocouples and fittings, all designed to provide the most accurate process measurement available. The Kaye product range is relied upon by the worlds leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to validate and monitor critical sterilization processes as required by governing regulatory bodies.


Calibration Baths

Environmental Monitoring
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    Kaye LabWatch Pro Software
    The LabWatch™ environmental monitoring system is a complete solution for critical stability, environmental, and facility monitoring applications.

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    Kaye RF ValProbe
    The Kaye RF ValProbe integrates breakthrough RF Mesh technology with proven thermal validation insitu loggers from GE.

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    Kaye Netpac

    The Netpac system is a distributed, industrial I/O network that provides the most cost effective data acquisition system available.

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    Kaye Labwatch Services
    The success of the LabWatch system extends far beyond hardware and software installation.

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    Kaye LabWatch LT

    Easy to install and simple to configure this intuitive system provides continuous real-time monitoring of your critical environment conditions wirelessly and reliably.

Reference Standards
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    Kaye IRTD 400
    The intelligent resistant temperature device (IRTD) is a secondary standard with a completely self-contained measurement system.

  • Kaye Ice Point

    Kaye Ice Point
    The Kaye Ice Point references offer the ultimate in accuracy in automatic referencing.

Validation Instruments
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    Kaye ValProbe Wireless
    A wireless probe design eliminates the need for hard-wired sensors simplifying access to hostile, remote or hard to reach environments.

  • VP_Freeze_Dryer_115x115

    Kaye ValProbe®
    Freeze Dryer Logger
    Ideal for Freeze Dryer shelf temperature measurement,  the new surface temperature Logger design provides enhanced measurement capability in precision capability over an extended temperature range from -85°C to +140°C.

  • Kaye Validator 2000

    Kaye Validator
    A thermal validation solution for inspection of pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device manufacturing.

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    Kaye RF ValProbe
    The Kaye RF ValProbe integrates breakthrough RF Mesh technology with proven thermal validation insitu loggers from GE.







    Service Locations
    We operate a global network of service centers and a field service organization to provide customer support for repair,returns,calibrations,technical support,evaluation and spare parts.


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    Rental Program

    To assist customers in meeting peak demands, unexpected situations or evaluations and also to minimize downtime of important processes, we offer an array of measurement, test and calibration equipment on a short or long term rental basis.


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    Calibration & Services
    We maintain laboratory accreditation (NVLAP: EN17025 and DAkkS:EN17025) and provide both “mail-in” and “on-site” service options.


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    Service Contracts

    We offer Silver and Gold Equipment Maintenance Agreement programs designed to meet your critical calibration and maintenance needs.

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    System Upgrades & Installation

    We continue to improve existing products while developing new solutions.

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    Certification Service

    We provide a variety of certification services, which confirm that your equipment is at factory specification.

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    The Installation Qualification & Operational Qualification Protocol defines a set of procedures to ensure that our equipment is properly installed.

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    Field Service
    We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality of calibration and repair services.