DMS Go Thickness Gage

DMS Go Thickness Gage

The DMS Go from GE’s Inspection Technologies business is a high-end thickness gauge which combines an innovative, easy-to-use user interface, powerful data management and an ability to provide accurate, reliable and comprehensive thickness inspection data. It is ideally suited for a wide range of applications including measuring for corrosion in the oil and gas sector and in power generation.

The DMS Go uses the same operating platform as the USM Go portable flaw detector. By means of a simple software purchase your DMS Go can benefit from all the USM Go functionalities and perform advanced flaw detections.


Build your own instrument!
An extensive range of upgrade possibilities is available. Choose any of the USM Go options and add it to your DMS Go package. For more information contact your local GE representative or visit the USM Go webpage

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DMS Go Series/Upgradeability

The DMS Go can be upgraded to include numerous features/functions. Features/functions can also be added at a later time. See DMS Go Series chart below.

DMS Go Series Thickness Gauge Overivew

TOPCOAT Technology Supported


With the patented “TopCOAT“ method we have been able to optimize the corrosion measurement through paint coatings: this method makes it possible to measure materials showing heavy corrosion on backwall surfaces, and even the slightest pitting can be detected thanks to a high gain. The paint coating and base metal are measured in one measurement process, and displayed simultaneously.

Auto-V Supported

If your components are uncoated, you have the Auto-V feature at your disposal. It is a clearly simplified version of the conventional thickness measurement and, as such, a unique method. Auto-V even allows you to measure the thickness of components with unknown material velocity. This enables you to measure different uncoated materials without any additional calibration – and without any calibration standards. It’s not necessary to know the material velocity to be able to measure – this previous disadvantage no longer exists.

Robust Construction

Robust Constructed Thickness Gage

  • A robust moulded rubber casing to withstand the harshest environments and significantly reduce downtime.
  • IP 67 immersion test (P67 / IEC529 - dust proof / dripping water proof as per IEC 529 specification for IP67 classification)
  • Drop test (514.5 Procedure II; 516.5 Procedure IV)
  • Vibration test (Mil-Std-810F; 514.5-5 Procedure I, Annex C)

USM Go Performance Test Videos


The DMS Go ultrasonic thickness gauge has been ergonomically designed to provide an instrument which is light, small and easy to use in the harshest inspection environments.

  • Minimized housing size when used in difficult-to-access areas
  • Optimized display size to improve readability and echo separation
  • One hand operation for security
  • Light weight (870 g/1.9 lb)
  • Integrated stand
  • Can be used with regular camera and industrial tripods
  • Main controls are under the thumb: gain, free defined keys
  • A “Flip” function allows the instrument to be used equally well by left-handed and right-handed people.

360-deg view

Virtual Demo

High Performance Thickness Measurement

  • High measurement stability and reliability resulting from zero crossing measurement technique.
  • Automatic gain control for excellent repeatability and corrosion monitoring
  • Built-in temperature compensation algorithm allows accurate measurement up to 540°C (1000°F).
  • Multiple Calibration and Zeroing modes for repeatable accuracy, including:
    • 2-point calibration
    • 1-point calibration with Manual on-block zeroing
    • 1-point calibration with Auto zeroing for every measurement (coupled)
    • 1-point calibration with User zeroing in the air (uncoupled)
  • Multiple measurement modes, for every application, including:
    • A-Scan
    • Thickness
    • B-Scan
    • Min /Max
    • Differential
  • Support of several standard probes and the capability to support virtually any probe using the custom probe setup feature
  • Ability to operate in harsh environments with IP67 sealing

High Capacity Data Recorder and Compatibility with Powerful Data Management Systems

The DMS Go offers powerful data recording and data management capability to meet the most demanding of thickness gauging and corrosion inspections. Important features include:

  • Powerful on-board data recorder has capacity of hundreds of thousands readings and permits the storage of A-scan, B-scan and MicroGRID attachments to thickness readings.
  • Data can be organized using pre-set (linear, grid, boiler), custom (custom linear, custom grid) or advanced (3D and 4D in UltraMATE) files structures.
  • Data transfer is via industry standard removable SD card up to 16 GB.
  • A USB port is included to allow instrument to PC connection if preferred – no driver needed, works with all versions of Windows.
  • Export in different file formats (xls, html, dat, csv, pdf…) to allow easy integration with user data management softwares and user quality control systems.
  • Compatible with UltraMATE and UltraMATE lite data management programs to allow for comprehensive analysis and documentation of data.
  • The data recorder files can be interfaced with other 3rd party software programs using a GEsoftware development kit, supplied on CD.

Intelligent Storing and Managing

The DMS 2’s on-board Data Recorder makes all the options for up-to-date documentation and modern data management available to you:

  • Memory capacity for 150,000 readings and 1,100 A- or B-scans (extendable)
  • Flexible adaptation to the measurement task by eight different file structures – according to the arrangement of measuring points most often encountered.
  • Subsequent insertion/deletion of readings within a file
  • Storage of additional information for each measurement location: probe, material velocity, date, time, calibration, etc.
  • Comment line with 64 characters accessible at any time.
  • Microgrid: You can insert up to 81 readings, in 2 x 2 to 9 x 9 grids, per measurement point at any time during the test using this function. By doing this, an analysis can be made in the direct vicinity of a critical measurement point.



A standard USB connection to allow data to be downloaded from the flaw detector for further analysis or storage. The instrument is standard delivered with a 2 GB SD memory card (can accommodate up to 16GB card size).

Reports are produced in jpeg or bmp format so there is no need for special reading software.

A simple on-board data logger to collect and save thickness measurements.

The DMS Go high-end thickness gauge is suited for thickness measurement in a wide variety of applications and especially for corrosion measurement/monitoring, even at high temperatures and on coated parts.

Typical Inspections


  • Inspection for corrosion in tubes, vessels and tanks in the oil and gas sectors.
  • Inspection of complex geometry tubes in refineries and power generation plants.
  • Thickness measurement of austenitic materials.
  • Measurement of remaining wall thickness through thick paint coatings.
  • Measurement of high attenuation cast components in foundries
  • Maintenance checks in the aerospace sector
  • Monitoring of power generation boiler’s efficiency by measuring Oxide Scale in boiler tube with special probe OSS-10.
  • Optional applications software includes:
    • TopCOAT technology to allow measurement of coating as well as metal thickness.
    • Auto-V measurement mode to enable thickness to be measured on components with unknownsound velocities without the need for a calibration block.

Measurement on Parts with External Corrosion

The wide variety of applications is made possible by the large selection of thickness transducers available for the DMS Go, including high temperature versions.

Thickness Testing Transducers


Type WVGA Color LCD with adjustable LED Backlight
Active Area W: 108mm (4.25")
H: 64.8mm (2.55")
Screen Diagonal 5.0"
Pixel Resolution W x H: 800 x 480 pixels



English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese


175mm x 111mm x 50mm (6.8” x 4.3” x 1.9”)


870 g (1.9 lb) with the battery

Temperature Shock (Storage) 3 cycles: 4 hrs at –20°C (-4°F) up to 60°C (140°F), 4 hrs at 60°C (140°F),
Transitions within 5 minutes,
MIL-STD-810E Method 503.4, Procedure II
Vibration MIL-STD-810E method 514.5, Procedure I, Annex C, Figure 6, General Exposure: 1 hr each Axis
Shock 6 cycles each Axis, 15 g, 11 ms Half Sine, MIL-STD-810E Method 516.5, Procedure I
Loose Cargo (In Shipping Container) MIL-STD-810E Method 514.5, Procedure II
Transit Drop (Packaged for Shipment) MIL-STD-810E Method 516.5, Procedure IV, 26 drops
Operating Temperature Range 0°C to 55°C (32 to 131°F)
Storage Temperature Range -20°C to 60°C (-4 to 140 °F) with battery, 24 hrs
Dustproof / Waterproof As per IEC 529 Specification for IP67 Classification
Hazardous Atmosphere
As defined by MIL-STD-810E, Method 511.3, Procedure 1


EMC/EMI EN 55011 & EN61000-6-2:2001
Ultrasound EN 15317, EN12668 , ASTM-E1324, ASTM-E317

I/O Connectors


Dual lemo-00 (Coax)

Mini USB
Power IN and TTL Alarm OUT

Power Supply

Battery Type

Li-ion battery

Operating Time

Min 8 hours in typical DMS Go continuous operation

On Board Charging

Off Board Charging with Optional Adaptor

Proportional Battery Gauge Indicating Remaining Operation Time

Charger .“Universal” AC (100-240 V, 50-60 Hz) meets CCC, CE, UL,
CSA and PSE requirements


Measuring Range

0.40mm to 650mm (0.010‘‘ to 25.00‘‘) in steel, in standard operation, depending on
the probe, material and surface

Digital Display Resolution

0.01mm or 0.1mm (0.001” or 0.01”) selectable over the entire measuring range

Material Velocity Range

250 to 16,000 m/s (0.0098” to 0.6299”/μs)

Units mm or inch
Measurement Techniques All measurments using Zero Crossing technique single element IP to 1st echo / single element multi echo / dual-element IP to 1st echo / dual element multi echo
Measurement Techniques (DMS Go TC only) TopCoat (Patent# 6,035,717) and Auto-V
Measurement Display Modes Temperature Corrected Thickness
Thickness and large A-Scan
MIN / MAX Capture
Calibration One-point, Two-point
Auto or Manual On-block and Off-block Zero
Automatic V-path Correction
Update Rate 32 Hz in MIN/MAX-capture Mode and B-Scan Display Mode
4 Hz or 8 Hz or 16 Hz (Selectable) in Standard Mode
Receiver 110 dB Dynamic Range
Automatic ain control with manual (set by user)
High, low and Auto Gain Limit
Pulser Square Wave, Pulse-width and -voltage (120 V or 250 V) automatically matched to probe
Memory 2 GB SD Card included. Up to 16 GB memory cards can be used
Data export as PDF, XML, CSV, DAT. Jpeg screen copy
Data Recorder 100,000 readings per file. Multiple files can be stored on SD card up to card capacity
File Formats 6 File Formats with DR Option (3 with Base Instrument)
Attachments Insertion of 2x2 to 9x9 MicroGrid per Measuring Point
1 to 16 user-definable comments for each file format with up to 16 alphanumeric characters per measuring point


UltraMATE Lite

Simple data management program for transferring measurement data files to a PC, including integration of the data into Windows programs


Extensive data management program for displaying and printing measurement data as graphics, for managing test data, for entering comments on files

Software Development Kit

Available for integration into other software applications


ProbeApplicationPart #CableRange mm (Steel)Range inch (Steel)Temperature RangeFreqContact Diameter
DA301 General use 151822 KBA533 or DA231 1.25 200 0.05 8 -20 to +60°C / 0 to 140°F 5 MHz 12.1mm / 0.475"
DA303 High penetration 151823 KBA533 or DA231 5 300 0.2 12 -20 to +60°C / 0 to 140°F 2 MHz 16.1mm / 0.635"
DA312 Thin materials - Fingertip 151824 KBA533 or DA231 0.6 50 0.025 2 -20 to +60°C / 0 to 140°F 10 MHz 7.6mm / 0.3"
DA501 General use - high sensitivity 1258820 KBA533 or DA231 1 200 0.04 8 -10 to 70°C / 14 to 160°F 5 MHz 12.1mm / 0.475"
DA503 High penetration - high sensitivity 1258827 KBA533 or DA231 5 300 0.2 12 -10 to 70°C / 14 to 160°F 2 MHz 16.1mm / 0.635"
DA507 General use - optimized for through coating measurement 1347128 potted 2.5 300 0.1 12 -20 to +60°C / 0 to 140°F 5 MHz 18mm / 0.685"
DA512EN Thin materials - high sensitivity - Fingertip 1025336 potted 0.8 60 0.03 2.5 -10 to 70°C / 14 to 160°F 7.5 MHz 7.5mm / 0.296"
DA590EN High temp - continuous measurement 162536 C120 or C123 2.5 125 0.1 12 0 to +200°C / 32 to 400°F 5 MHz 12.1mm / 0.475"
DA590EN High Temp - intermittent measurement 162536 C120 or C123 2.5 125 0.1 12 +200 to +540°C / 400 to 1000°F 5 MHz 12.1mm / 0.475"
FH2E High sensitivity fingertip 162571 potted 0.75 50 0.03 2 -20 to +60°C / 0 to 140°F 7.55 MHz 9.6mm / 0.38"
FH2E-D High sensitivity fingertip - Dialog 162573 potted 0.75 50 0.03 2 -20 to +60°C / 0 to 140°F 7.55 MHz 9.6mm / 0.38"
TC560 TopCOAT / Auto-V - coating range 162550 KBA532 or KBA531TC 0 2 0 0.08 -20 to +60°C / 0 to 140°F 5 MHz 15.9mm / 0.675"
TC560 TopCOAT / Auto-V - material range 162550 KBA532 or KBA531TC 1.5 200 0.06 8 -20 to +60°C / 0 to 140°F 5 MHz 15.9mm / 0.675"
A2DFR High Resolution Delay Line 162530 C-022 or CL331 0.25 10 0.01 0.4 -10 to +50°C / 14 to 120°F 15 MHz 7.6mm / 0.3"
CA211A Standard contact 162541 C-022 or CL331 2 400 0.08 16 -10 to +50°C / 14 to 120°F 5 MHz 19.1mm / 0.75"
OSS-10 Oxide Scale - range is application dependent 169618 C-022 or CL331 -10 to +50°C / 14 to 120°F 10 MHz 7.6mm / 0.3"


  • DA590 actual temperature range depends upon surface condition, and couplant.
  • DA590 temperature cycling required with surface temperatures above 200°C (400°F) per GE instruction card.
  • Most Dialog probes are also supported. Consult probe documentation for application specifications.
  • Probe specifications are subject to change without notice.


NameDescriptionPart Number
DA301 Probe cable, dual-Lemo00 to dual-Lemo00, 1.2m (4') 163587
DA231 Probe cable, dual-Lemo00 to dual-Lemo00, 1.5m (5') 151693
KBA531TC Probe cable Dual Lemo00 to Microdot 10/32 & 12/32, 1.2m (4'), with boot 163618
KBA532 Probe cable Dual Lemo00 to Microdot 10/32 & 12/32, 1.8m (6'), no boot 163620
C-120 DA590 Probe cable, without armor jacket, 1.2m (4') 1260306
C-123 DA590 Armor jacket probe cable, 1.2m (4') 163647
C-022 Probe cable Straight Lemo00 to Microdot, 1.8m (6') 136374
CL331 Probe cable Straight Lemo00 to Microdot 311786


DescriptionsPart Number
Ergonomic Kit (chest harness, wrist strap, belt holster) 1312444
Chest Harness 1254633
Belt Attachment 1254634
Wrist Strap 1312406
Lithium Ion Battery 1255323
Lithium Ion battery charger /AC power supply 1255477
External Battery Charger Adapter for Li-lon Battery 1255324
USB Cable 1260193
SD Memory Card (2 GB) 1255478
SD Card Reader to USB 1002866
Transport Case 1256799
Heavy Duty, Lockable, Transport Carry Case 115737
Protective Screen Overlays, clear, field 1305847
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