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The well-established and proven ultrasonic flaw detector USM Go is available with joystick operation or as the new USM Go+ with arrow-key operation. The USM Go and the new USM Go+ are both extremely portable and robust ultrasonic flaw detectors. Both units have a small protected hand-held housing with the biggest A-Scan display in its class and features which are essential for inspections based on common codes and standards.

The USM Go is the first choice when top UT performance, combined with ultra-portability and one-hand joystick operation is required and furthermore has the option to upgrade to a thickness gauge.

The new USM Go + is the youngest member of the USM Go family equipped with an arrow-keypad and the latest industrial electronics. The state-of-the-art technology contributes to the improved UT performance of the new USM Go + .One prime example is the outstanding Near Surface Resolution which allows a reliable detection of defects located just below the surface of the test piece.

Apart from the different operational devices the joystick or the arrow-keypad, the operation and the menus of both instruments are the same. The accessories are inter-changeable with both instruments. And even the stored instrument settings of the USM Go can be used with the new USM Go + and vice versa which will ease any ultrasonic inspector’s work but will ensure that proven settings can continue to be used with new equipment and even shared with other USM Go / USM Go+ inspectors.

  • 850 g (1.87 lb.) total weight incl. batteries.
  • A-Scan recording as video on SD-Card.
  • trueDGS® Defect Sizing with highest available accuracy.
  • Back wall Echo Attenuation helps to detect extreme small defects.
  • IP67 Protection.
  • 800 x 400 bright colour LCD (>200cd/m²).
  • USM Go is extendable to DMS Go Thickness Gage instrument


A standard USB connection to allow data to be downloaded from the flaw detector for further analysis or storage. The instrument is standard delivered with a 2 GB SD memory card (can accomodate up to 16GB card size).

Reports are produced in jpeg or bmp format so there is no need for special reading software.

A simple on-board data logger to collect and save thickness measurements.


The USM Go/USM Go+ has been designed to provide flaw detection capability in inspection situations throughout the industrial and process spectrum, from aerospace to power generation and from the automotive sector to the oil and gas industry.

Weld Inspection

Weld Inspection using Ultrasound

  • Trigonometric projections
    • Calculate surface distance, depth, & soundpath to the reflector
    • Curvature correction (Correct projected position in case of radial scan)
    • Color Leg (Facilitate reflector positioning indicating the different legs with different colored backgrounds
  • AWS
    • Automatic rating according to AWS D1.1 structural welding code
  • DAC
    • Allow sizing according to EN ISO 17640, 11666 and 23279
  • DGS
    • Allow sizing according to EN 1712
  • trueDGS®
    • Significantly improved sizing capabilities to EN 583-2


Forging Inspection using Ultrasound

  • Manual PRF adjustment
  • Phantom echo
  • DGS
  • Backwall Echo Attenuator

Composite Materials

Composite Inspection using Ultrasound

  • RF display
  • 2 gates with B-start triggered with echo in gate A
  • TCG correction with high slope 120 dB/µs for highly attenuative materials


Rail Inspection using Ultrasound

  • High PRF (up to 2000 Hz)
  • Light weight (850 g/1.87 lb)
  • Small size and ergonomics
  • Accessories (ergomic kit: wrist attachment, belt attachment, and shoulder strap).


Active Area W: 108 mm (4.25”) x H: 64.8 mm (2.55”)
Size 5.0”
Pixel Resolution 800 (W) x 480 (H) dot


Probe Connectors Two LEMO-00
UT Output Connector SAP output, Alarm
USB Interface micro USB connector
SD-Card Connector Full size SD card slot to accommodate standard SD cards

Pulser -
All pulser measurements taken according to EN12668 specifications

Pulser Mode Simulated spike standard, Uni-polar adjustable square wave
Pulser Voltage (SQ Mode) 120 V to 300 V with 10 V step in a tolerance of 10%
Pulser Width (SQ Mode) 30 ns to 500 ns with 20 ns step in a tolerance of 10%
Pulser Amplitude (Spike Mode) Low: 120 V, High: 300 V
Damping 50 or 1000 Ohms
PRF Automatically optimized between 15 Hz to 2000 Hz, 3 automatic adjustment modes: AutoLow, Auto Med,
AutoHigh - Optional "phantom echo" manual control of PRF from 15 to 2000 Hz


Range 14016 mm at steel longitudinal wave (557”)
Digital Gain Dynamic range of 110 dB, with 0.2 dB step
Analog Bandwidth 0.2 MHz - 20 MHz
Rectifications Broad Band
1-5 MHz
2, 2.5 MHz
4, 5 MHz
10 MHz


Independent Gates 2 gates (A and B), Gate B supports triggering by gate A
Positive (POS) Full wave (FW)
Negative (NEG) RF


Capacity Up to 16GB SD card (comes standard with 2GB SD card)
Report JPG or BMP report files. UltraMATE compatible datarecorder files.


Battery 5.5 hours
On board charging
Off board charging with optional adaptor
Proportional battery gauge indicating remaining operation time
Charger “Universal” AC (100-240 V, 50-60 Hz)
Meets CCC, CE, UL, CSA and PSE requirements
Size 175 mm x 111 mm x 50 mm
Weight 845 g (1.87 lb) with the battery

Protection as per MIL-STD-810F

Damp Heat & Humidity (Storage) 10 Cycles: 10 hrs at 60°C (140°F) down to 30°C (86°F),
10 hrs at 30°C (86°F) up to 60°C (140°F), transition
within 2 hrs, 507.4
Temperature Shock (Storage) 3 Cycles: 4 hrs at –20°C (-4°F) up to 60°C (140°F),
4 hrs at 60°C (140°F), transitions within 5 minutes,
503.4 Procedure II
Vibration 514.5-5 Procedure I, Annex C, Figure 6,
General exposure: 1 hr each axis
Shock 6 cycles each axis, 15 g, 11 ms half sine,
516.5 Procedure I
Loose Cargo (In Shipping Container) 514.5 Procedure II
Transit Drop (Packaged for Shipment) 516.5 Procedure IV, 26 drops
Operating Temperature Range 0°C to 55°C (32 to 131°F)
Storage Temperature Range -20°C to 60°C (-4 to 140 °F) with battery, 24 hrs
Dust Proof/Dripping
Water Proof
As per IEC 529 specification for IP67 classification
EMC/EMI EN 55011
Ultrasound EN 12668
ASTM E1324
ANSI/NCSL Z 540-1-1994
MIl STD 45662A
MIL STD 2154


USM Go AWS Option AWS sizing tool according to AWS D1.1 Structural welding code
USM Go Dac Option
Dac sizing tool
16 points
Compliant with
EN 1712- EN 1713 – EN 1714
JIS Z3060 compliant
TCG: 120 dB dynamic
TCG: 110 dB/μs slope
USM Go DGS Option

DGS sizing tool compliant with EN 1712

Including new trueDGS technology
USM Go Embedded Datalogger Option Custom linear and grid file creation
USM Go Squarewave Pulser Option Allows pulser parameters fine tuning
Voltage adjustment from 120 V to 300V per 10 V steps
Pulse width adjustment from 30 ns to 500 ns per 10ns steps
USM Go Manual PRF and Phantom Option Allows Manual PRF optimization between 15 Hz and
2000 Hz per step of 5 Hz. Phantom PRF will help to identify ghost echo due to multiple reflections in low materials


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