Flexible Fiberscopes


Fiberscopes (Flexible) Overview

GE's Inspection Technologies business brings you high-resolution articulating fiberscopes featuring 7-micron diameter, densely-packed, imaging fibers to reveal more detail than any other scopes. Our line of flexible fiberscopes is available in various configurations for any application.

  • NDT – RVI Fiberscope

    Articulating Fiberscopes - NDT
    Robust, high-resolution articulating models with various directions-of-view, diameter ranging from 2.4mm to 13.6mm, and lengths up to 2.7m.

  • NDT – RVI Flexible Fiberscope

    Mini-Flex Fiberscope - NDT
    For extremely small access applications. Available in diameters as small as 0.5mm with dedicated forward or side directions-of-view.


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Application Solutions


Weld Inspection


Rotating Machinery Inspection

Corossion Inspection

Composites Inspection

Heat Excahnger Inspection