Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) – NDT

Remote Visual Inspection – RVI NDT

Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) Overview

GE's Inspection Technologies business offers a comprehensive selection of non-destructive testing (NDT) remote visual inspection (RVI) equipment – from basic borescopes and fiberscopes to measurement capable digital video borescopes, and pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera systems and robotic crawler systems – GE's Inspection Technologies business has the right NDT visual inspection equipment for your needs for any industry. Our systems are portable and ruggedly built, to survive the rigors of industrial environments.

Video Borescopes

Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras

  • NDT – RVI Rigid Borescopes

    Rotary Scan - NDT Rigid Borescope
    Allow 360º cicumferential viewing without moving the body of the scope. Various models in a variety of directions-of-view and fields-of-view.

  • NDT – RVI Borescope

    Swing Prism - NDT Rigid Borescope
    Allow direction-of-view to be adjusted from 55º to 115º for panoramic viewing of an object which might require two or three conventional models to view.
  • NDT – RVI Rigid Borescope

    Mini Rigid - NDT Rigid Borescope
    Patented rod-lens optical system delivers outstanding image clarity and brightness as well as exceptional bending tolerance.

  • NDT – RVI Fiberscope

    Articulating Fiberscopes - NDT
    Robust, high-resolution articulating models with various directions-of-view, diameter ranging from 2.4mm to 13.6mm, and lengths up to 2.7m.

  • NDT – RVI Flexible Fiberscope

    Mini-Flex Fiberscope - NDT
    For extremely small access applications. Available in diameters as small as 0.5mm with dedicated forward or side directions-of-view.

RVI Software

RVI Accessories
  • RVI Accessories - NDT

    XLG3 VideoProbe Accessories - NDT
    Supplement your XLG3 VideoProbe products with a wide range of accessories designed to handle a variety of applications and to optimize your inspection results.

  • RVI Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras - NDT

    Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras - NDT
    Supplement your PTZ camera products with a wide range of accessories designed to handle a variety of applications and to optimize your inspection results.

  • Borescope Inspection - NDT

    Electric Turning Tool - NDT
    Improves the efficiency of engine borescope inspections by automating the process of engine rotation.

  • Video Peripherals - NDT

    Video Peripherals - NDT
    Supplement your video inspection with monitors, recording devices and other aids.

  • link-xlgo-videoprobe

    XL Go+ VideoProbe
    Völlig neuartige Videoendoskop-Prüfung. Keine Kabel, keine Koffer – nichts als hervorragende Bildqualität in einem unglaublich robusten und tragbaren Gerät.

Spezielle Anwendungen
  • xlg3_with_uv_light source

    Die UV-Lichtquelle ELS120UVXLG3 für GE Videoendoskope.


  • Auschnitt_link

    Aufsetzmikroskop ZSB
    Das ZSB Aufsetzmikroskop für das XLG3-VideoProbe® System erweitert die Vorteile eines Mikroskops mit den Eigenschaften innovativer Videoinspektion.



    Application Solutions

    Weld Inspection


    Corossion Inspection

    Composites Inspection

    Heat Excahnger Inspection

    Organize probe request per inspection information

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