Homeland,International & Environmental Detectors

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Homeland,International & Environmental Detectors Overview

GE has more than 45 years of industry experience delivering product innovation, exceptional service and cutting-edge technology for nuclear materials management and power generation. By leveraging our industrial expertise and vast resources, we can deliver customized Reuter Stokes radiation detection systems, sensors and electronics packages to meet expanding industry and customer needs.

Homeland,International & Environmental Detectors
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    RSDetection* Environmental Radiation Monitor

    The RSDetection*, the next generation Reuter Stokes environmental radiation monitor, provides superior technology for the detection and measurement of low-level gamma radiation

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    Boron-10 Lined Proportional Counter
    With the proper electronics, GE's Reuter Stokes Boron-10 proportional counter, is operable in a gamma flux of 10³ R/hr with about 50 percent loss in neutron sensitivity.

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    High Gamma Flux Fission Counter
    In all applications, the inherent low sensitivity (0.14 cps/nv in 0 R/hr) must be weighed against the advantage of satisfactory performance in a high gamma environment.

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    Helium-3 Filled Proportional Counter
    GE offers a comprehensive line of Reuter Stokes helium-3 filled proportional counters designed to operate in the harshest environments with extreme sensitivity and reliability.

  • Boron 10 Neutron Detection Module

    Boron-10 Radiation Detector
    Dwindling Helium-3 (3He) gas availability has limited industry’s ability to produce radiation detectors used in homeland security applications.

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