RPT410 Resonant Barometric Sensor

RPT410 Resonant Barometric Sensor


The RPT 410 Resonant Silicon Pressure Transducer (RPT) utilizes Druck's resonant silicon technology that has been field proven in many applications in air data flight and test, precision portable and bench calibrators, and high performance wind tunnels.


Druck's RPT 410 barometric pressure sensor is ideally suited for weather stations monitoring atmospheric trends, engine test cells, data buoys, ships ballast systems, as well as a highly stable barometric pressure reference transfer standard.

RPT 410 Specifications

  • Range 17.5 - 32.5 inHg
  • High stability 100 ppm per annum
  • Accuracy: better than ±0.015 inHg
  • Voltage or frequency output
  • Supply voltage 9.5 to 24 Vdc
  • Current consumption less than 6mA
  • On/Off control with external trigger