8000 Series High Accuracy Resonant Pressure Sensor

RPS 8000 Pressure Sensor

Raise the bar in precision pressure measurement with the new 8000 Series

The RPS/DPS 8000 resonant silicon pressure sensor was the first pressure sensor to incorporate GE’s TERPS technology platform. TERPS (Trench Etched Resonant Pressure Sensor) offers an order of magnitude greater performance over current technologies to provide the highest accuracy and stability sensor available. It also significantly extends the pressure range capability conventionally associated with resonating pressure technology (RPT) sensors and enables robust packaging, suitable for harsh environments.

The new RPS/DPS 8100 resonant pressure sensor introduces an exposed construction for low g sensitivity and exceptional performance around barometric pressures.

In addition, the 8000 Series product line offers a wide range of pressure and electrical connections to allow flexible customization in a wide range of applications, from aerospace to subsea and from process engineering to industrial instrumentation.

The new RPS/DPS 8200/8300 introduces Hastelloy construction enabling use in harsh media such as sea water and sour gas as well as extending the operating temperature range to -40 °C to + 125 °C (-40 °F to 257° F).


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Series 8000 Sensor Specifications

Common to all versions

• Designed with brand new TERPS technology

• High precision, ±0.01% FS over compensated temperature range

• High stability, ±100 ppm FS/year

• Multiple output configurations, TTL and Diode, RS-232 and RS-485

• Wide selection of pressure and electrical connections to suit specific requirements


• Welded 316L construction

• Pressure ranges, 2 bar (30 psi) up to 70 bar (1000 psi)

• Media isolated construction, suitable for use in harsh environments

• Wide temperature range,  -40 °C to +85 °C (-40 °F to 185 °F)


• Exposed silicon construction

• Barometric pressure to 0.1mbar (0.1hpa)

• Pressure range, 1 to 35 bar (15 to 500 psi)

• Low g sensitivity


• Welded Hastelloy C276 construction

• Pressure range, 2 bar (30 psi) up to 70 bar (1000 psi)

• Wide temperature range, -40 °C to 125 °C (-40 °F to 25 °F)

Oil & Gas

The increasing demand to recover oil in a clean, safe and efficient manner drives the need to measure during the different phases of exploration, drilling, production and transmission of upstream and midstream operations to very high levels of precision.The RPS/DPS 8000 pressure sensor provides the solution.

Applications include:RPS / DPS 8000 For Oil and Gas

  • Wellhead monitoring
  • Custody transfer
  • Liquid density calculation






The increasing demand for performance of aircraft, both military and commercial, requires that systems operate at higher efficiency levels, needing more accurate measurement and control. 

Applications include:

RPS / DPS 8000 For Aerospace

  • Air data test systems
  • Environmental control systems
  • Hydraulic control systems
  • Flight test
  • Ground test
  • Avionics ground support equipment
  • Leak detection systems

Environmental Research

Growing concerns over global climate change and the need to understand its potential impacts increase the scientific community's interest in getting the most accurate and reliable data possible in order to provide the best results and conclusions.

Applications include:   

     Oceanography                                                      RPS / DPS 8000 For Oceanography

  • Wave and tide gauges
  • Data buoys–moored and drifting
  • Tsunami early warning systems
  • Sea bed mapping
  • Remote Operated Vehicles (ROVs)
  • Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs)

     Meteorology                                                      RPS / DPS 8000 For Meteorology

  • Remote weather monitoring stations
  • Surface data buoys
  • GPS meteorology






      Hydrology                                                      RPS / DPS 8000 For Hydrology

  • Dam and reservoir level sensing
  • Stream gauging
  • Hydrostatic tank gauging
  • Manometer replacements




Power Generation

The world’s energy consumption demand increases at a rate that continues to outpace supply. The RPS/DPS 8000 pressure sensor is designed for applications that drive efficiency in the control of fuel and for other critical monitoring of flow to gas powered turbines. The sensor also has potential for nuclear, wind, and geothermal energy applications.

RPS / DPS 8000 For Power Generation

  • Steam turbine optimization
  • Fuel control systems









Applications within this broad market segment are again driven by the need for improved testing and improved efficiencies. Automotive test, test benches, leak detection systems, and industry R&D efforts all center around improved results and performance, which require higher levels of measurement accuracy.

RPS / DPS 8000 For Industrial

  • Super charger calibration










The ability to calibrate and validate performance of measurement equipment has always been an integral part of ensuring best results. As measurement devices increase in performance, so must the instruments that calibrate and validate them. The RPS/DPS 8000 finds application as an internal or external reference standard for laboratory and portable calibration instrumentation.

  • Leak detection systems
  • Pressure sensor manufacture

RPS / DPS 8000 For Metrology

GE's PACE 6000 pressure controller/indicator











When developing this new TERPS technology, our objective was to offer a sensor with the  highest level of accuracy and stability, available over wide pressure and temperature ranges, and in a robust and reliable package for harsh environments.


The Highest Levels of Accuracy and Stability

Silicon for improved performances:

Si Machining With DRIE
Example Si machining possible with DRiE
Wafer in DRIE Process
Water in DRiE process
  • We have fully leveraged the mechanical properties of silicon in making the TERPS resonator element
  • To optimize and balance the design of resonator, we have used Deep Reactive Ion Etching (DRIE) silicon processing  techniques. DRIE gives the ability to design structures with complex and arbitrary geometries.
  • Precision of 0.01% FS (100 ppm)
  • Stability of 0.01% FS per annum (100 ppm)
  • Levels of performance only previously available from instruments
  • Extends calibration periods by a factor of 10


Over Wide Pressure and Temperature Ranges

The silicon fusion bonding process:  

  • TERPS is dependent only on the mechanical properties of silicon allowing use over wide temperature ranges up to -40 to 125 °C (-40 to 25 °F).
  • The design also allows different thicknesses of silicon to be bonded to the resonator, through the use of Silicon Fusion Bonding (SFB), that allows use over a wide range of pressures,  up to 70 bar (1000 psi)


TERPS Sensor Diagram

TERPS Cross-section Diagram

                                   Cross-section of TERPS sensor element                    
Cross-section of SFB Si Payers


In Robust and Reliable Packaging

Deep Reactive Ion Etching (DRiE) gives the ability to design structures with complex and arbitrary geometries and can be used to make the resonator in a horizontal plane. This is necessary to make the resonator rigid to minimize energy loss and enables the use of an oil filled isolated construction.

The fully welded TERPS module gives top level design engineers the freedom to package the sensor in standard material. The product is housed in a 316L stainless steel module and the conditioning electronics in a 25 mm body-tube.  A range of pressure and electrical connections is offered.

Si Machining Detail


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