Pressure Transducers/Transmitters

Pressure Transducers and Transmitters

Pressure Transducers/Transmitters Overview

Designing and manufacturing high-performance pressure transducers and transmitters for a wide range of applications, we have one of the most comprehensive and technologically advanced silicon processing facilities in the world. We are one of only a few companies converting raw silicon into finished products by employing techniques such as micromachining. Multi-disciplined engineering teams are experienced in the use of hybrids, ASICs, microprocessors, and surface-mount technology.

Pressure Transducer/Transmitter Products

  • UNIK 5000 Pressure Sensor

    UNIK 5000

    Configurable platform, offering high performance and bespoke design on a short lead time.

  • STX 2100 Series

    STX 2100 Series
    Differential pressure transmitter, complements the RTX 1000 Series.

  • RPS 8000 Pressure Sensor

    8000 Series

    The ultimate accuracy resonant pressure sensor. Built around new TERPS technology, it offers higher pressures and a more robust design than ever before.

  • RPS-8000-Sensor

    TERPS sensors

    A brand new technology for pressure sensor that are 10 times more accurate and stable than standard silicon sensors, improving your performance, enhancing your safety and cutting your costs in almost any pressure sensitive applications.
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    Subsea Detection

    Sharing a commitment to technology and innovation, PRESENS joined GE on 1st August 2012.

  • M Series Transmitter - Differential Pressure Transmitters

    M Series Transmitter
    The M Series measures low pressures and features Type 4 certification with a variety of signal outputs and minimal power consumption.

  • PTX 661 Hammer Union Pressure Transmitter

    PTX 661
    Mud sensor designed for use in extremely harsh environments where high shock and vibration is likely to be encountered.

  • Subsea Pressure Transmitters - PTX 300 Series

    PTX 300 Subsea Series
    Pod sensors developed for the offshore oil and gas industries.

  • PTX 400 Series: Pressure/Temperature Transmitters

    PTX 400
    Wellhead series of pressure and/or temperature  transmitters.

  • RTX 1000A (Analogue) Pressure Transmitters

    RTX 1000
    High accuracy, HART communication pressure transmitter. Ideally suited for process market.

  • RPT Series Resonant Pressure Transducers

    RPT Series
    Highly stable, ultimate accuracy resonant sensors with pressure ranges up to 3.5 bar.

  • RPT350 - Resonant Pressure Transducers

    Ultimate accuracy sensors with RS232/485 output.

  • PTX600 Series Precision Pressure Transmitters

    PTX600 Series
    Low noise, fast response and robust pressure transmitter family. Ideally suited for process market.

  • Aerospace Pressure Transducer

    PTX/PMP 3000

    Flight certified pressure transducer family.


  • DPS 4000 Series: Digital Pressure Transducers

    DPS 4000
    State of the art CANbus output pressure transducer.

  • link-Tseries-transducers

    T Series Transmitter
    This family of differential pressure transmitters measures low pressure and offers a variety of analog signal outputs.

  • Series W pressure transmitters

    W Series Transmitter
    The Series W pressure transmitters are designed to measure low differential pressures of liquids or gases.

  • LPM/LPX1000 Series- Differential Pressure Transmitter

    LPM/LPX1000 Series
    High accuracy, low pressure wet/wet differential pressure transmitter. Ideally suited for clean room and HVAC monitoring and control.

  • PDCR/PMP 4300 – Automotive Pressure Transducers

    PDCR/PMP 4300
    Miniature, high temperature and high performance transducer. Ideally suited for motor sport applications.

  • RPT410 Resonant Barometric Sensor


    Ultimate accuracy resonant barometric sensor used in air data flight/test and wind tunnels.