4Sight calibration software gives you total control for all your calibration and maintenance tasks

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4Sight calibration management software will help you comply with regulations, reduce running costs and improve process efficiency. 4Sight from GE will be your calibration manager. Its automated workflow, robust data and complete traceability can significantly reduce calibration and maintenance costs.

4Sight is the new state-of-the-art, integrated, web-based Software as a Service (SaaS) calibration manager.

4Sight calibration management software:

  • Maintains compliance with industry standards
  • Provides a full-time and date stamped audit trail
  • Significantly reduces your operating costs
  • Provides automated paperless solutions
  • Ensures that you are always ready for an audit





  • Complies with regulations FDA, ISO, GAMP, 21 CFR Part 11
  • Web-based–SaaS, online or onsite server installation
  • Scalable as your needs change-by user, plant, site or global requirements
  • Global access with PC, PDA or mobile device
  • No installation or IT support required
  • Automates process and procedures-a paperless solution
  • Combines maintenance and calibration routines
  • Comprehensive reports and multiple filters
  • Powerful real time updates, deviations, status and efficiency analysis
  • Email maintenance deviation alerts
  • Full time and date stamped audit trail
  • Interfaces with higher level CMMS systems
  • Enterprise-wide visibility
  • Historical trending and interval analysis


  • Reduce operating costs
  • Reduce inventory costs
  • Comply with quality and EHS regulations
  • Automate processes and calibrations
  • Increase visibility
  • Improve control
  • Real time access
  • Increase efficiency

IT Benefits

  • SaaS-no software required for the client
  • Virtually no IT overhead, no software, database, backup, server or PC support
  • Interface with higher level CMMS systems
  • Latest Microsoft web browser technology
  • Facilitates new mobile technologies
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Easier integration possibilities
  • Ease of set-up
  • Flexible license model allowing you to scale with your organization

User Benefits

  • All areas available from one navigation tree
  • Only essential information required
  • Automated, flexible and logical workflows
  • Comprehensive reports and multiple filters
  • User-defined desktops
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • History for all areas in one easy-to-use screen
  • Automated email notifications with PDF deviation and calibration reports
  • Mobile paperless solutions
  • Complete at entry-cut down on the workflow
  • Work request module
  • Combine maintenance and calibration routines
  • Extensive filtering capabilities
  • Track all manpower and stock costs
  • Control internal and external resources
  • User-defined fields


  • Plant and process engineers
  • Service companies
  • Site contractors
  • Installation and commissioning engineers
  • Laboratory technicians
  • Instrument workshops
  • Services companies
  • Laboratories
  • Automotive test cells
  • Manufacturing

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