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Depth and Level Overview

Designing and manufacturing high-performance pressure transducers, transmitters and level sensors for a wide range of applications, we have one of the most comprehensive and technologically advanced silicon processing facilities in the world. We are one of only a few companies converting raw silicon into finished products by employing techniques such as micromachining. Multi-disciplined engineering teams are experienced in the use of a wide range of materials, hybrids, ASICs, microprocessors, and surface-mount technology.

Level Sensor Products

Depth and Level
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    Subsea Detection

    Sharing a commitment to technology and innovation, PRESENS joined GE on 1st August 2012.

  • RPS-8000-Sensor

    TERPS sensors

    A brand new technology for pressure sensor that are 10 times more accurate and stable than standard silicon sensors, improving your performance, enhancing your safety and cutting your costs in almost any pressure sensitive applications.
  • SLP20 Submersible Level Probe

    SLP20 Submersible Level Probe
    Fully submersible level measurement solution, suitable for a wide variety of applications, from single tanks to multiple point installations.

  • PTX 1290 Series Wastewater Submersible Pressure Transmitter

    PTX 1290 Series
    The 1290 Series submersible/depth pressure transducers are specifically designed for the wastewater, pump/lift station application.

  • PTX/PDCR 1830 Series - Pressure Sensors

    PTX/PDCR 1830 Series
    Fully submersible high-performance sensors for measurement of hydrostatic liquid levels.

  • PTX 1730 Series - Pressure Sensors

    PTX 1730 Series

    This hydrostatic liquid level sensor is designed to work in low powered, arduous applications including surface water, ground water and tank level.


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