ADTS 405 - Air Data Test System

ADTS 405 - Air Data Test System

The ADTS 405 is the latest in a series of reliable, high accuracy, air data test systems. The rugged, compact design has evolved as a result of GE Druck’s continuous research and development, customer feedback and experience gained from manufacturing thousands of automatic pressure controllers. This has enabled performance, maintainability, and operational simplicity to be optimised.

The ADTS 405 is a twin-channel Ps and Pt pressure control system used for the precision calibration/verification of aircraft pitot statics, compliant with RVSM (Reduced Vertical Separation Minima) requirements.

ADTS 405 Applications

  • High accuracy, RVSM compliant
  • Flightline and rack mount versions
  • Civil and military specifications
  • Integral or remote pressure/vacuum supplies
  • Fully programmable for aircraft type
  • Protection for aircraft instruments

The ADTS 405 is a twin-channel Ps and Pt pressure control system used for the precision calibration/verification of aircraft pitot statics, compliant with RVSM (Reduced Vertical Separation Minima) requirements.


Rackmounted ADTS 405

The ADTS 405 is a 50 cm (19 in) rack mounting module housing the main control system with local front panel display and keypad. The remote hand terminal is optional for this model and a matched separate pressure/vacuum supply unit is available—please refer to PV 103R Datasheet.


ADTS 405 - Air Data Test System Specifications


Scaling Factors Altitude: ft metres
Airspeed: knots, km/hr, mph
Others: mbar, inHg, inH20 (4°C, 20°C, 60°F), mm Hg, kPa, hPa, psi.
Airspeed: CAS (calibrated)
: TAS (true—ability to enter temperature)
Rate Control/Indication RoC: Rate of Climb
Rt Ps Rate of Static
Rt Pt: Rate of Pitot
Rt Qc Rate of Pt-Ps
Rt CAS: Rate of calibrated airspeed
Rt EPR: Rate of engine pressure ratio
Overpressure Negligible calibration change with up to 1.25 x FS overload applied.
Calibration Stability Better than 50 ppm per year
Recalibration Simple keypad instruction. 12 month interval suggested. Use of primary standard pressure reference is recommended (e.g. Ruska Model 2465 deadweight tester).
Display LCD backlit, supertwist/wide angle viewing. 123 mm x 42 mm (4.8 in x 1.6 in) window with 4 lines of 20 characters 8 mm (0.3 in) high. Optional hand terminal display window 73 mm x 24 mm (2.87 in x 0.95 in)
Response Two readings per second display value update.
Five readings per second interface and control system updates.
Power Supplies 90 to 260 VAC at 47 to 440 Hz, 100 VA normal, 400 VA maximum
Power Failure Protection In the event of a power interruption, the output ports will be vented to ambient conditions safely. On power reconnect, the system is in measure mode.
Self Test Integral test routines and reporting for both electrical and pneumatic systems.
Digital Interfaces Parallel printer interface available as standard. IEEE488.2 optional—earlier versions also available.
Temperature Range Calibrated: 5°C to 35°C (41°F to 95°F)
Operating: -10°C to 50°C (14°F to 122°F)
Storage: -20°C to 70°C (-4°F to 158°F)
Sealing ADTS 405 front panel is rainproof.
Humidity 0 to 90% condensing. “Tropicalised” pcb’s to MIL-T-28800
Shock/Vibration MIL-T-28800 Class 2.
Safety Performance EN50081-1 for EMC emissions
EN50082-1 for EMC immunity
EN61010 for electrical and mechanical safety
Physical 13 kg (29 lb) nominal.
Case dimensions: 485 mm x 270 mm x 305 mm (19 in x 10.5 in x 12 in)
Pneumatic Connections Front panel mounted fittings with blanking caps
Static: AN-6 37° flare
Pitot: AN-4 37° flare

Fitted with replaceable filters Vacuum (AN6) and pressure (AN4) supply fittings on rear panel with 2.5 m (8 ft) long mating hoses.
Pneumatic Supplies For normal use, dry air with source pressure at a maximum 25% above specified pressure range. Compatibility with other dry, non-corrosive gases can be provided. Please refer to GE.

Flight line ADTS 405F

Transportable military cased version incorporating the ADTS 405 with built-in pressure/vacuum supplies. Control is via local keypad/display or standard remote control terminal.

Power Supply 90 to 260 VAC at 47 to 440 Hz, 500 VA. 28 VDC option available.
Digital Interfaces Standard parallel printer connection accessible via front panel protection cover. IEEE488 optional.
Sealing Weatherproof in operating mode (lid removed).
Electro Magnetic Compatibility To MIL-STD-461D
Physical 35 kg (77 lb)
762 mm x 320 mm x 480 mm (30 in x 13 in x 19 in) nominal. Wheels supplied for ease of transport.
Pressure/Vacuum Unit Integral pneumatic supplies (PV 103F). Auxiliary connections for external supplies to boost or drive other equipment. Supply for vacuum hold down static adaptors also provided.

Cart Mounted ADTS 405C

Towable, chassis mounted package incorporating the ADTS 405 with pressure/vacuum supplies and ability to include a Line Switching Unit (LSU) for multiple Ps and Pt outlets. For LSU please refer to separate Product Note. Control is via cart mounted display or standard remote hand terminal.

Power Supply As ADTS 405F with 10 m (33 ft) AC power lead.
Sealing Weatherproof with all doors closed.
Physical Weight: 250 kg (550 lb)
Size (h x l x w): 1150 mm x 1350 mm x 700 mm (45 in x 53 in x 27 in) nominal.
Towing Maximum safe speed 15 km/h (10 mph). Foam filled wheels 381 mm (15 in) diameter and a steering wheel 254 mm (10 in) diameter, nominal.


ADTS 405 Remote Control Terminal A handheld remote control facility for the rack mount ADTS 405 (standard with ADTS 405F/ADTS 405C). Complete with 2 m (6 ft) long cable.
Lid Mounted Switching Manifold Two five-way manifolds for multiple output Ps and Pt ports. Each line has an individual manual shut-off valve.
28 VDC Operation In addition to AC supply, a second power connector enables 28 VDC input for rack, flightline or cart versions.
ADTS 405 Bench Case A case to enclose the ADTS 405 482.6 mm (19 in) rack unit for benchtop use.
IEEE488 Interface (SCPI version) Current ADTS communications protocol.
IEEE488 Interface (1975 version) Compatible with earlier ADTS units.
IEEE488 Interface (SCPI & 1975) Both (E1) and (E2) provided for user choice.
ADTS 405 Rear Ps/Pt Connections Duplicate connections provided at the rear in addition to front panel.
Test Program Manager A software package with serial interface mode adaptor. Permits laptop PC based control.
Altimeter Encoder Interface For altimeters with ICAO reporting encoders. Permits display of the bit stream and reporting of altitude value.
ARINC 429 Interface Permits the ADTS to monitor data from an aircraft bus, display the 12 pitot static label information and transmit to the aircraft.

Accessories AC power lead—2 m length (6 ft) approximately. Ps, Pt, pressure and vacuum hoses—2.5 m lengths (8 ft) approximately. Operators manual and calibration certificate also supplied as standard.
Calibration Standards Instruments manufactured by GE are calibrated against precision calibration equipment traceable to international standards.

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ADTS 405 - Air Data Test System Brochure ADTS 405 - Air Data Test System Brochure ADTS 405 - Air Data Test System Brochure ADTS 405 - Air Data Test System Brochure ADTS 405 - Air Data Test System Brochure