Air Data Test Sets

Air Data Test Sets

Air Data Test Sets Overview

In crowded skies, maintaining the safety and correct calibration of aircraft cockpit instrumentation is paramount. Our Air Data Test Sets provide essential and dependable support to aircraft operators and aviation service organizations around the world, ensuring that Pitot Static systems get the very best attention. Our range of ADTS products and accessories provide world class pressure measurement and control performance.

Air Data Test Set Products

Air Data Test Sets
  • DPI 740 Series - Precision Pressure Indicator

    DPI 740 Series

    The DPI 740 is a portable battery powered precision barometer, providing outstanding capabilities in a hand-held package.

  • adts206_image1

    ADTS 206

    The ADTS 206 a rugged, lightweight 3-channel air data test set.

  • ADTS 403 - Air Data Test System

    ADTS 403

    This rugged, long life pressure and vacuum supply unit is designed for use with air data test systems.

  • ADTS 405 - Air Data Test System

    ADTS 405

    The ADTS 405 is a twin-channel Ps and Pt pressure control system used for the precision calibration/verification of aircraft pitot statics.

  • ADTS 505 - Air Data Test Set

    ADTS 505

    The ADTS 505 is a series of reliable, compact and high accuracy Air Data Test Sets.

  • ADTS 405 - Air Data Test System

    ADTS500 Series

    Designed for ease of use, efficiency and accuracy, ADTS500 Series pitot static testers with Bluetooth® wireless technology provide air data testing with just a swipe..