Wayne to Offer New Fuel Management Enhancements to Fusion™ Forecourt System

Wayne Incorporates Fuel Management Automation into its Fusion Forecourt Platform through an Alliance with FuelQuest Inc.

AUSTIN, TEXAS—October 4, 2012—Wayne, A GE Oil & Gas Business (NYSE: GE) and a global innovator of fuel dispensers and forecourt technologies, announces new fuel management capabilities available with its Wayne Fusion™ forecourt system. Powered by a global collaboration with FuelQuest Inc., a leading provider of on-demand fuel management solutions, the Fusion forecourt platform can now address and help retailers manage logistics and better monitor their fuel supplies. These new fuel management services provide insight into overall security of supply, including data to alert retailers to fuel losses due to theft, leaks, adulteration or other causes. Fuel retailers all over the world will now have the option to monitor, manage and replenish their inventories via an advanced, cloud-based system that enables accurate, real-time control over the entirety of their fuel networks.

“Offering forecourt solutions to improve the operations and management of our customers’ fueling businesses has always been a top priority for Wayne,” says Tom Barrett, Wayne vice president of services. “By utilizing the Fusion forecourt platform, integrated automated tank gauging (ATG) from Wayne and fuel management solutions powered by FuelQuest, all feeding into our recently launched Network Operations Center (NOC), we can provide our customers a comprehensive and cost-effective end-to-end solution. Fuel retailers worldwide can now update their inventory-replenishment plans based on real-time demand data; and can help ensure inventory issues are identified and remediated before they impact bottom-line performance.”

The Fusion forecourt platform can now unify every aspect of forecourt equipment and operations management. Fuel site owners can take advantage of real-time, around-the-clock data regarding their fuel dispensers, forecourt hardware and fuel inventories delivered through a user-friendly, single point of control that is “manufacturer agnostic.” That flexibility allows retailers to receive and track data from all of their dispensers, point-of-sale and ATG systems, regardless of brand, which enables large-scale operational control and monitoring across entire networks of fueling sites.

Wayne will offer these new fuel management services on a subscription basis, via a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model with its Fusion forecourt system hardware. Fuel retailers with Fusion forecourt systems will now have the option to gain advanced control over fuel sales, operations, inventory and equipment without having to make large capital investments.

“Incorporating fuel management automation into the Fusion system fills an industry need for unified control over disparate, complex forecourt hardware systems and the fuel inventories they manage,” says Casey Zandbergen, FuelQuest vice president of strategic initiatives. “Site owners across the world face issues related to fuel inventories, equipment and general operational visibility. Wayne fuel management services can address these issues directly and comprehensively.”

Site owners, jobbers, major oil company leaders and high-volume retailers will have an opportunity to learn more about the Wayne Fusion forecourt system, including its fuel-management services powered by FuelQuest from October 8 through 10 at the PEI-NACS tradeshow in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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Wayne is a component of GE’s (NYSE: GE) 2011 acquisition of Dresser, Inc. and is a global leader in the design, manufacturing and servicing of forecourt fueling solutions where reliability and uptime are critical. Dispensers, payment platforms, control systems and technology from Wayne play an essential role in traditional and alternative fueling sites around the world. Wayne is ISO14001 certified.


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