Software Solutions for Nondestructive Testing (NDT)


Software Solutions for Nondestructive Testing Overview (NDT)

GE's Inspection Technologies business offers advanced and user-friendly software that improves productivity by enabling you to make smarter and quicker decisions in the field and in the office. We offer software for all Nondestructive Testing (NDT) applications (Radiography, Ultrasonic , Remote Visual Inspection ) and testing methods, including software for data input, analysis, image review, documentation, data management, remote collaboration, and storage. Browse our software offerings to learn more.

GE Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) Software | NDT Software
  • MDI – NDT Software

    Menu Directed Inspection - NDT Software
    Helps guide inspectors operating XLG3™ and XL Go™ VideoProbe® through inspection process and intelligently auto-generates a report.

  • iView Remote – NDT Software

    iView Remote - NDT Software
    Allows remote control of digital and mechanical features of the Ca-Zoom PTZ and VideoProbe systems, as well as video and snapshot capture to hard drive or removable media.

  • RVI NDT Software

    Inspection Manager - NDT Software
    Inspection Manager is specially designed software for viewing and re-measurement of 3D Phase Measurement, StereoProbe Measurement, ShadowProbe Measurement and Comparison Measurement images.

Ultrasonic Software for Non-destructive Testing | Ultrasonic Testing Software
  • Destructive Testing (NDT) – Ultrasonic Flaw Detection Software

    Windows™-based ultrasonic flaw detection analysis software designed to simplify the transfer, storage and printing of data and reports.

  • Destructive Testing (NDT) – Spotweld Testing Application Software

    Spot weld testing application software for use with the USLT 2000 Series for the evaluation and storage of inspection results from tested spot welds.

  • NDT_Ultrasonic_Inspection_Software

    UDB Manager
    UltraLOG add-on allows creation of multi-level, extensive inspection plans and distribution to one or more inspection locations.

  • Destructive Testing (NDT) – Software Solutions

    Development system software allows easy programming of individual applications for the USLT 2000 Series using Windows.

  • Destructive Testing (NDT) – Ultrasonic Software

    Software for transfer, storage, analysis, and documentation of thickness data.

  • Destructive Testing (NDT) –Thickness Data Software

    Software that links the results of the various test stations to the central database system.

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