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Anything made from metal is susceptible to corrosion. The negative effects of corrosion and erosion cost the oil & gas and power generation industries billions of dollars every year in unscheduled plant or pipeline shutdowns, inefficient or lost production, high maintenance repair costs or imposed fines. Experts believe that 20% to 25% of corrosion-related costs could be avoided.

It is critical to constantly and consistently monitor and inspect for corrosion using non-destructive testing (NDT). Without proper monitoring, corrosion can wreak havoc within a pipe or other metal surface. The corrosion you do not see is the most dangerous, causing damage from the inside out. Corrosion and erosion detection, sizing and monitoring technologies are important elements toward realizing those savings.

GE offers a wide range of world-class NDT equipment for multiple industry applications including aerospace, oil & gas, power and transportation.


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link-apollo-eddy-current-system link-phasor-xs-flaw-detector link-rightrax-lt-corrosion-system USM Go Ultrasonic Flaw Detector DMS Go Thickness Gage
Digital multi-channel/multi-frequency eddy current system for oil & gas and power industries
Phasor Series
Digital flaw detectors combining conventional portable flaw detection with phased array imaging
Rightrax LT
Automated erosion/corrosion monitoring system for pipes and vessels operating at temperatures up to 120°C (248°F)
Lightest and most portable ultrasonic flaw detector
A-Scan thickness gage/data recorder incorporating patented TopCOAT Technology and Auto-V (Auto Velocity) measurement modes
XLGo XLG3 Ca-Zoom_PTZ6.2_PTZ140 PTZ100 PTZ70
LED lighting and crystal clear imagery makes the XLGo video borescope an easy handheld tool to use
Accurate 3D Phase Measurement Technology video borescope with high resolution LCD screen
Ca-Zoom PTZ6.2 PTZ140
The most advanced pan-tilt-zoom camera available with many added features
Pan-tilt-zoom camera with high resolution images and laser measurement capability
This pan-tilt-zoom camera is able to fit into 76mm diameter openings.
DXR_250 CRx_Flex CRx25P 3D_Computed_Tomography NDT_Film
DXR 250
Digital detector array has temperature control for longer calibrations and quick imaging
CRx Flex
Computed radiography scanner allows for versatile use in oil & gas, power, automotive, and aerospace industries
Portable computed radiography scanner can withstand harsh industrial field conditions
3D Computed Tomography
New levels of x-ray can be explored using phoenix x-ray technology. Multiple kinds of machines are available for a variety of needs
NDT Film
Sturdy film producing the finest quality images with the most detail possible