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Analyzers, Transmitters & Portable Hygrometers

We offer reliable moisture sensors with a combination of features to suit individual needs and budget. In addition, the aluminum oxide moisture probes offer superior sensitivity,speed of response, and calibration stability. The moisture generators are designed to generate precise, repeatable levels of water vapor pressure in a carrier gas stream.

Industrial Relative Humidity
  • DewPro MMR101 Transmitter

    DewPro MMR101

    The DewPro MMR 101 is a high temperature loop-powered moisture and temperature transmitter.

  • DewPro MMR30

    DewPro MMR30

    This compact, mid-range moisture transmitter probe is designed specifically for refrigeration dryer monitoring.

  • DewPro MMR31

    DewPro MMR31

    The DewPro MMR 31 loop-powered mid-range moisture transmitter represents a simple, cost effective solution for mid-range moisture measurement.

Moisture Transmitters
  • HygroPro Transmitter


    HygroPro is a loop-powered, intrinsically safe moisture transmitter for measuring the moisture content in gases and non-aqueous liquids.

  • DewPro MMY31 Transmitter

    DewPro MMY31

    This dew point transmitter is cost effective and designed for "in-line" installation where trace moisture measurement is required.

  • DewPro MMY30 Transmitter

    DewPro MMY30

    The DewPro MMY 30 is a loop-powered dew point transmitter for analyzing moisture content.

Relative Humidity Building Automation Transmitters
  • HumiTrac Transmitter


    This relative humidity and temperature transmitter is designed to serve the building automation/HVAC market.

  • Humitrac XR

    Humitrac XR
    The Humitrac XR is an entalphy wetbuild transmitter designed for use in HVAC applications.

  • RH/RHT Industrial Enclosures

    RH/RHT Industrial Enclosures
    These robust relative humidity and temperature transmitters are suitable for wall outside air and duct mount applications.

  • Telaire T8700 Transmitter

    Telaire T8700

    This new precision humidity and temperature transmitter for HVAC control applications uses GE own ChipCap sensor that has very fast response time and long term stability.

Chilled Mirror Hygrometers
  • Optica - Chilled Mirror Hygrometer


    The Optica Chilled Mirror Hygrometer offers precision dew point measurement.

  • OptiSonde Hygrometer


     The OptiSonde Chilled Mirror Hygrometer offers precision humidity and temperature measurement.

Moisture Analyzers
  • DewPro MMY2650

    DewPro MMY2650

    This trace moisture analyzer is designed to operate with the DY5 or DY55 planar gold aluminum oxide dew point sensor.

  • Moisture Monitor Series 3

    Moisture Monitor Series 3

     The MMS3 is a single- or dual-channel analyzer with an alphanumeric LCD for moisture, oxygen, temperature and other parameters.

  • Moisture Monitor Series 35

    Moisture Monitor Series 35

    The MMS 35 single-channel hygrometer combines our M Series moisture probe with state-of-the-art electronics.

  • Moisture Image Series 1

    Moisture Image Series 1

    The MIS 1 analyzer is the top-of-the-line model in GE family of Moisture Series analyzers.

  • moisture.IQ

    The most versatile moisture analyzer on the market.

  • Aurora TDLAS

    Aurora TDLAS Analyzers

    Moisture can be costly even in small quantities. Aurora Series laser analyzers deliver s harp signals and specific details with the fastest response of any moisture measurement technology.

  • dew.IQ Single Channel Hygrometer

    The dew.IQ single-channel hygrometer combines our technologically advanced M Series moisture probe with state-of-the-art electronics for superior speed of response, stability and overall performance.

Calibration Systems
  • Humilab Calibration


    The Humilab Humidity Control Chamber is a NIST traceable relative humidity calibration system.

  • HumiTrace Calibration


    HumiTrace is the market-leading system for reliable and precise calibration of virtually any relativity humidity probe.

  • MG101 Hygrometer Calibration

    The MG101 hygrometer calibration system is used to generate precise, repeatable levels of water vapor in a carrier gas stream.

Moisture Meters
  • link-mms-handheld


    The new Protimeter MMS2 represents the next generation in moisture meters - easy to use, multi-functional it allows full building moisture diagnosis.

  • Standard Speedy Tester

    Standard Speedy
    These moisture testers combine the proven dependability of pressure test procedures with the convenience of an electric balance.

  • Large Speedy 2000

    Large Speedy
    These moisture meters are well-suited for use on roads, aggregates, sand and concrete.

  • Timbermaster Handheld

    The Protimeter Timbermaster is a simple to use wood moisture meter specifically designed for the timber industry.

  • Psyclone Handheld


    This highly durable and functional thermo-hygrometer is designed to measure relative humidity and temperature.

  • link-mms-handheld

    MMS Plus

    This complete moisture measurement device for use in many different building related industries.

  • Surveymaster Handheld


    Surveymaster is a moisture meter that displays the moisture level values on a digital display along side a scale of color-coded lights.

  • HygroTrac Handheld


    The Protimeter HygroTrac is a simple and cost-effective system for remote environmental monitoring in buildings.

  • Hygromaster Protimeter


    The Protimeter HygroMaster is an easy to use hygrometer with built in data logging capability.

  • Mini Handheld


    The Protimeter Mini is a compact, general purpose pin type moisture meter used for assessing moisture conditions in buildings.

  • Grainmaster Protimeter

    The Protimeter Grainmaster is a highly versatile instrument to measure the moisture and temperature of crops.

  • Aquant Protimeter

    The Aquant is used to monitor the relative moisture level of building materials including plaster, drywall, masonry, concrete and fiberglass.

  • Protimeter Kits

    Protimeter Kits
    The Protimeter Restoration and Technician’s Kit include the latest Protimeter moisture meter instruments, as well as the heavy duty hamper probe.

  • Hay and Straw Protimeter

    Hay & Straw Bale
    This digital instrument is used for rapid assessment of moisture levels in straw and hay bales.

Portable Hygrometers
  • 35 IS Hygrometer

    Moisture Monitor Series 35 IS

    The MMS 35 IS portable hygrometer is certified intrinsically safe, is battery powered, and is housed in a damage-resistant case.
  • PM880 Portable Hygrometer


     This portable hygrometer for measuring the moisture/humidity content of industrial gases and liquids.

  • DewPro MMY245

    DewPro MMY245

    This convenient, portable instrument can quickly spot check the performance of gas dryers.

  • PM880 AC Portable Hygrometer

    PM880 AC

    This rugged, line-powered, portable hygrometer measures moisture in gases and non-aqueous liquids.

Relative Humidity Sensors
  • HS30P Relative Humidity Sensor


    HS30P polymer based relative humidity sensors are ideal for humidity measurement applications that require faster recovery from condensation.

  • EMD 2000 Sensor


    EMD resistive relative humidity sensors are ideal for humidity measurement applications that require a high accuracy without calibration.

  • link-ChipCap2

    new ChipCap 2TM

    ChipCap 2 offers the most advanced and cost effective humidity and temperature sensing solution for virtually any type of application.

  • HS12-SP Thermometrics Relative Humidity Sensor


    GE’s Thermometrics HS12SP model is a nonrefresh type of polymer based relative humidity sensor.

Sampling Systems
  • Sampling Systems

    Sampling Systems

    Sample handling systems are essential for getting top performance from your gas and moisture analyzer systems.

  • PanaView Software


    PanaView Instrument Interface software allows access to many product features from your computer.

Moisture Probes
  • TF Series Moisture Probe

    TF Series
    The three-function TF Series probe measures pressure and temperature, in addition to moisture content.

  • MIS Moisture Probe

    MIS Probe

    This aluminum oxide moisture probe is designed to be used in conjunction with the MIS 1 analyzer, MIS 2 analyzer and PM880.

  • M Series Moisture Probe

    M Series

    M Series moisture probes are coupled to Panametrics hygrometer consoles by an interconnecting cable.

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