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X-Rays Across Africa: How GE Helped Stellenbosch University Become a High-Tech Research Hub

Material science research has progressed rapidly in recent years thanks to advancements in high-resolution computed tomography (CT) scanners, and South Africa’s Stellenbosch University is leading the pack. After using a large GE micro CT scanner since 2010, the school recently installed GE’s nanotom CT scanner, the first of its kind anywhere in Africa.

Oi & Gas
GE Condition Monitoring Proves Indispensable to New Zealand Shipping Port

“The online vibration process is a critical online surveillance system that provides essential real-time data for performing predictive maintenance. Continued critical asset reliability is paramount to the successful operation of the Port. The vbOnline system, in conjunction with a focus on maintenance strategy management, helps deliver a high level of availability.” – Bob Smillie, Otago Port Maintenance Manager

Oi & Gas
GE Flame Detection Sensors Help Protect a U.S. Ammonia Plant

"GE came through with substantial answers," said a spokesperson for Didrikson Associates Inc., "that allowed our client to troubleshoot the burner assembly and decipher how mixtures of gases might be affecting the outcome. We are excited about GE’s interaction with our client."

One of the most vital protection functions provided by a control system is the capability to automatically trip the fuel valve if a flameout is detected, which requires installation of reliable flame sensors with fast response times.

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Global Paper Company Improves Reliability & Efficiency of Critical Plant Unit

A leading global manufacturer of packaging, paper and fluff pulp recently upgraded a critical turbine control system to enable its most important steam turbine to avoid any unplanned outage time-cutting maintenance costs and improving reliability.

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Unexpected Server Crash leads to Quick GE Response at Acrylic Acid Plant

After a server crashed without warning at an acrylic acid plant in the Middle East, GE’s Bently Nevada onsite support team took quick action to restore condition monitoring across the plant in in a single day.

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