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GE Flame Detection Sensors Help Protect a U.S. Ammonia Plant

"GE came through with substantial answers," said a spokesperson for Didrikson Associates Inc., "that allowed our client to troubleshoot the burner assembly and decipher how mixtures of gases might be affecting the outcome. We are excited about GE’s interaction with our client."

One of the most vital protection functions provided by a control system is the capability to automatically trip the fuel valve if a flameout is detected, which requires installation of reliable flame sensors with fast response times.

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Condition-based Maintenance Averts Catastrophic Failure and Saves Millions

Early and accurate diagnosis by System 1 software enabled the plant to avoid a catastrophic failure, plan for repairs, and realize savings approaching 77 million dollars.

A large cement plant was experiencing a gear mill reducer problem that could potentially cause a catastrophic failure and significantly reduce plant throughput.

The plant uses a combination of online and offline vibration monitoring hardware in conjunction with GE’s System 1 software to provide an integrated condition-based maintenance solution for all equipment.

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City of Roseville, California

"The GE methodology is sound, the quality of deliverables is excellent, and the results are measurable." — Steven D Gillette – Maintenance Supervisor, City of Roseville

The Environmental Utilities Department operates three water/wastewater treatment facilities at the City of Roseville. Recently confronted with multiple challenges - workforce attrition, plant expansions, and reliability problems with aging equipment – the Environmental Utilities Department needed to find a way "to do more with less" in order to continue to provide quality, low-cost services to the City’s residential and commercial customers.

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