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GE’s system migration solution minimizes compressor surges and production losses

“GE’s system migration solution helped us improve load sharing and efficient turbomachinery operation- improving downstream gas distribution to end users while reducing maintenance costs by 150 hours/month and startup man- hours by 80%.” -Nilangshu Dey, Qatar Petroleum Project Engineer

Qatar Petroleum’s NGL3 natural gas liquids plant contains three GE Frame 5 Gas Turbines driving two-stage Nuovo Pignone centrifugal-type booster compressors. Due to changed production needs and aging controls, Qatar Petroleum (QP) decided on upgrading to integrated turbine, compressor control, and safety systems to limit downtime, improve remote operation, reduce maintenance and operations costs, and improve system safety by adding an SIL-rated shutdown system.

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GE technology provides advanced control solutions to improve performance and production of Saudi Aramco compressors

“As the world leader in the production of petroleum- based energy. We at Saudi Aramco hold ourselves to the highest standards of excellence and have very specific requirements when it comes to compressor control and protection. From the start, GE worked closely with us to understand our unique needs and specifications and remained flexible throughout the entire project. The updated control system is now in full operation and is satisfying all of our performance expectations.” -Ahmad Saleh Haradh, GOSP1 Saudi Aramco project engineer

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System 1 helps avoid three offshore outages

$1 million in lost production and unplanned outages were avoided when the System 1 Decision support* Dry Gas Seal RulePak identified and reported multiple significant events at an offshore platform in the North Sea.

One of GE’s Bently Nevada customers owns and operates several oil and gas production platforms
in the United Kingdom sector of the North Sea. The customer currently uses common dry gas seals
that incorporate a tandem (redundant) design to improve reliability and prevent a single point seal failure. However, as the customers’ total number of installations continued to grow, the number of unexpected outages began increasing too, so the customer needed a better way to monitor the
health of its dry gas seals.

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GE’s VALVFAST program helps channel partner win in Mexico

“With VALVFAST, we were able to quote quickly and meet LPG’s desired delivery expectation. Instead of waiting months for a made-to-order valve from a factory, we can provide customers the valve they need in as little as 24 hours.” -Gerardo Ramirez, GE Sales Leader, Mexico

IQ Automatizacion, a GE Mexico channel partner based in Guadalajara, received an urgent project request in January 2013 for a price quote from Marsori Internacional de Negocios S.A. de C.V. for a maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) project with LPG Transportation. The project required a large order of control valves, including ten 6” and one 12” 41005 series Masoneilan control valves, to be delivered within 10 weeks.

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Sounds from the deep — A Norwegian technology success keeping an ear to the ocean

Oil and Gas subsea operators across the world are adopting a GE Industrial Internet technology developed in Norway. The GE Measurement and Control Subsea Condition Monitoring system (also known as the ‘Cage’) measures sound and electrical signals emitted from subsea equipment, often an early warning sign of developing leaks and other issues.

The listening ‘ear’, an array of sensors in a 500-pound ‘birdcage’ dome that sits on the sea floor or on subsea equipment, was developed at the GE Measurement and Control site in Bergen, Norway. A 210 metre (MSL)* deep water facility at the Bergen site also provides deep water testing for the technology.

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