Ultrasonic Liquid

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Ultrasonic Liquid Overview

We offer a variety of clamp-on and wetted ultrasonic flow meters for measurements across a wide variety of pipe sizes and materials, process liquids and flow conditions. Our fixed installation meters offer reliability and accuracy in even the most rugged conditions, while our portable meters are flexible and easy to use for testing, servicing and troubleshooting.

Ultrasonic Liquid
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    PanaFlow HT
    PanaFlow HT is a safety first. It is the world's first ultrasonic flow meter with SIL certification. Proven by design for safety, it delivers accurate, maintenance-free flow measurement in the harshest environments.

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    PanaFlow Z3

    The PanaFlow Z3 is a three-path wetted meter designed specifically for low-risk, accurate and repeatable measurement of nominal temperature liquids.

  • Digitalflow XMT868 Flow Transmitter

    DigitalFlow XMT868i
    The XMT868i liquid flow transmitter combines state-of-the-art flow measurement with a low-cost transmitter package.

  • Transport PT878 Flow Meter

    TransPort PT878


    The TransPort PT878 is portable flow metering at its best.

  • DigitalFlow DF868 Flow Meter

    DigitalFlow DF868
    This liquid ultrasonic liquid flowmeter is a fixed-installation meter based on our award-winning TransPort PT868.

  • AquaTrans AT600 Clamp-On Flow Meter

    AquaTrans AT600 Clamp-On Flow Meter

    Complete ultrasonic system for the measurement of water and hydrocarbon liquid flow. Installed in minutes, this flow meter is reliable, robust and easy to use.

  • AquaTrans AT868 Flow Meter

    AquaTrans AT868

    This ultrasonic flow meter is a rugged, low-cost transmitter package.

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    BWT System
    The Bundled Waveguide Transducer (BWT) System is key for flow measurement in Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) in large pipes.