Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meters

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Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meter Overview

We offer a variety of accurate, maintenance-free ultrasonic flow meters that can take measurements reliably over a very wide range of pipe sizes and flow conditions. Accurate and versatile, our fixed-installation flow meters provide an unrivalled combination of powerful features to meet your needs. For testing, service and troubleshooting, our portable flow meters offer the ultimate in flexibility and ease of use. Our product range includes fixed-installation as well as ultrasonic portable flow meters.

Ultrasonic Gas
  • XGF868i-flare-gas-meter-small

    DigitaFlow XGF868i

    The XGF868i flare gas flow transmitter is a low-cost, transmitter-based version of the GF868 flare gas mass ultrasonic flowmeter.

  • DigitalFlow GF868 Flow Meter

    DigitalFlow GF868

    The GF868 flare gas mass ultrasonic flow meter improves the efficiency of petrochemical plants, refineries and offshore platforms.

  • DigitalFlow XGM868i

    DigitalFlow XGM868i
    The XGM868i gas flow transmitter is a low-cost, transmitter-based version of the GM868 general-purpose gas flow meter.

  • DigitalFlow GM868 Flow Meter

    DigitalFlow GM868
    The DigitalFlow GM868 general-purpose flow meter measures gas flow in pipes or ducts from small tubing to large flue stacks.

  • XGF868i-flare-gas-meter-small

    PanaFlow Z1G

    The PanaFlow Z1G is a complete ultrasonic flow metering system specifically designed for the measurement of gases with high levels of impurities.