Welcome Bently Nevada OEM Customers!


The Bently Nevada OEM portal  includes the full suite of  GE's Bently Nevada product line offerings. We realize our OEM customers like you have unique needs and concerns, and we are committed to addressing those needs and continuing to grow our collaborative OEM relationships.


If you are not already an ORBIT magazine subscriber, please click here to sign up for a free subscription. ORBIT is an advertising-free technical publication that is published quarterly. The publication exists to advance the practice of condition monitoring, diagnostics, and performance optimization of operating assets. Feel free to review our article archives that span more than a quarter century of Bently Nevada condition monitoring expertise.

Thank you again for your interest in and support of our Bently Nevada Asset Condition Monitoring products. 


Protection of Proprietary and Intellectual Property

  • All GE employees are held to the highest levels of integrity. Maintaining our customers’ confidential information is a key piece of our integrity policy, called The Spirit & The Letter.


  • Non-disclosure agreements will be implemented if desired.


  • If the Bently Nevada service organization is contracted by an end user or OEM to provide diagnostic services on a machine manufactured by an OEM other than GE or its licensees, any information learned while providing this service will not be shared outside of the Bently Nevada service organization. This statement also applies to intellectual property Bently Nevada may have obtained prior to its acquisition by GE.


  • Regarding future custom product development efforts, Bently Nevada will continue to evaluate all opportunities from all customers for custom, enhanced or new products, and as in the past, Bently Nevada will pursue all those that offer the best chance of creating customer value/earning profit. We have several examples of mutual success and desire many more. Future policy with regard to intellectual property ownership will remain unchanged: Bently Nevada will continue to fund the cost of development of new products and retain intellectual property rights.

Leveraging Bently Nevada End User Relationships

  • Bently Nevada will not use our end user relationships to solicit business of other GE business units at the expense of GE’s OEM competitors.


  • Bently Nevada will maintain our long standing policy not to cross reference OEM part numbers to Bently Nevada part numbers.


  • Bently Nevada’s sales strategy for engaging with OEMs, EPCs and End Users remains unchanged. We will continue to pursue asset condition management opportunities with all three of these customer types.

Intentions Regarding the Future Supply of Product

  • Bently Nevada’s product life cycle plan and long-term support has not changed. Both are affected by market demand, component obsolescence and productivity gains as a result of improvements in process, manufacturing, or technological advancements.


  • The product life cycle plan is consistently applied on a global basis and is not discriminatory to any specific customer or market segment. If continuing to manufacture a specific item is problematic or non-productive, we will work together to find a solution.