Test & Machine Calibration Equipment

Bently Nevada Testing and Calibration Equipment
Test & Calibration Equipment Overview

GE provides a variety of items for testing and calibrating our instrumentation, as well as temporary signal conditioning hardware for machinery diagnostics purposes, and machinery simulators for educational and research purposes.

Test, Simulation & Calibration
  • link-snapshot-tim-tester

    Snapshot™ TIM Tester
    Portable data collector that can be used to verify and configure Trendmaster® Pro systems.

  • link-pecision-micrometers

    Precision Micrometers
    For bench testing of proximity transducers using a factory-supplied target.

  • lin-tk-3-proximity-probe

    TK-3 Proximity System Test Kit
    This portable instrument is used for both static and dynamic verification of proximity probes.

  • link-rk4-rotor-kit

    RK4 Rotor Kit
    Miniature, bench top rotating machine that simulates a number of machinery malfunctions.