GateCycle Software

GateCycle Software

GateCycle plant performance monitoring software predicts design and off-design performance of combined cycle plants, fossil boiler plants, nuclear power plants, cogeneration systems, combined heat-and-power plants, advanced gas turbine cycles and many other energy systems. You can use GateCycle software for quick assessments, detailed engineering, design, retrofitting, re-powering and acceptance testing. Its component-by-component approach and advanced macro capabilities let you model virtually any type of system.


> Library of Gas Turbines



  • Optimize plant design with powerful, flexible heat balance modeling software
  • Model virtually any type of energy system using a single software package
  • Model equipment 'as built'
  • Simulate operation of an existing plant under specific conditions
  • Regression tool
  • Multiple property routines
  • Gas turbine library
  • Interface to Microsoft Excel
  • Intuitive graphical model building
  • Mixed design/off-design analysis
  • Macros and tables
  • Consolidated model file

GateCycle software accurately predicts the effects influencing plant performance, such as:

  • Changing fuel types
  • Ambient variations
  • Multiple-pressure HRSG
  • Sliding pressure operation
  • Component fouling
  • Part-load operation
  • Pressure losses
  • Parallel HRSG sections
  • Steam injection
  • Fossil boiler operations
  • Hardware modifications
  • Cooling tower operations


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Toll-free: +1 800-488-1915 (North America Only)

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Minimum Computer Requirements 1.0+ GHz processor
300MB hard disk space
Available USB port
24X CD-ROM drive
8 MB video card
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0
Recommended Computer Requirements 2.0+ GHz processor
1 GB hard disk space
Available USB port
24X CD-ROM drive
16 MB video card
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0
Supported Operating System

Windows® 2000 Server Service Pack 4
Windows 2000 Workstation Service Pack 4
Windows Server® 2003 SP1
Windows XP Service Pack 2
Windows 7
Windows Server 2008

Supported Microsoft* Office Software Microsoft Office 2000
Microsoft Office XP
Microsoft Office 2003
Microsoft Office 2007

GateCycle Service Pack 4

GateCycle 6.0 Service Pack 4 Now Available

As a GateCycle user, you already know how powerful this software is for heat balance calculations in any type of thermal power plant – whether for design or off-design conditions. But did you know that Service Pack 4 makes your GateCycle software even more powerful? It’s easy to download and install and it’s available to you at no charge as a registered GateCycle 6.0 user.


SP4 includes significant fixes and improvements including:


  • Starting with version 6.0, users are able to open and use multiple models and cases at the same time. With that enhancement, GateCycle allows linking to models and cases in any directory thereby requiring path information for Datalinks. The implementation of these Internal and External Datalinks has been greatly improved in SP4.
  • Improvements to several icons, numerous bug fixes, and correction to long-standing problems, including ones from v5.61. In all we dispositioned more than 600 items in our bug tracking system. A summary of the various fixes and improvements is in the README file for SP4.

    All GateCycle 6.0 users are urged to upgrade to this service pack. Please ensure you read and understand the README file concerning upgrades of your pre-SP4 models and use the appropriate link below

    For users with a TSA:
    The 6.0 SP4 comprehensive installer is available for users with a current and valid Technical Service Agreement (TSA). The comprehensive installer will install 6.0 SP4 without the user having already installed 6.0 SP2 or SP3. Each user should have his/her individual login credentials. If you have lost your login info, please contact Bently Nevada Technical Support. The SP4 comprehensive installer is about 187MB and includes the companion SP4 Model Importer as above. Due to the size of the download, please plan accordingly

    For users without a TSA and with 6.0 SP2 or SP2 already installed:
    This updater is about 108MB and requires the user to already have 6.0 SP2 or SP3 installed. It will install the companion SP4 Model Importer if GateCycle 5.4, 5.51, 5.52 or 5.61 is installed on the computer. The SP4 Model Importer now supports importation of version 5.4, 5.51, 5.52 or 5.61 models.

    For users that want to install the Model Importer separately from SP4
    A standalone SP4 importer installer is also available. This is only needed if you decided to install the Model Importer as a separate exercise from the Service Pack installation.

    Interested in being a Beta Tester?:
    We are soliciting external beta test users. If you're interested, please contact Stephen Schmid at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.