Plant Maintenance Operations Software

Bently Nevada Plant Maintenance Operations Software
Software Overview

Combining world class plant maintenance operations software with unique industry experience to improve plant maintenance, operations, and control. This powerful suite of software products enables you to monitor plant assets, manage complex and dynamic situations, and optimize plant operations for performance as well as regulatory and contractual compliance.

  • System 1 Software

    System 1® Software
    Widely used across many industries, System 1 enables plant personnel to quickly identify important events.

  • System 1 Software

    System 1*Fleet Management
    System 1 Fleet Management is a web-based dashboard providing a single, secure access point for monitoring equipment and instrument health from the machine to fleet levels.

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    Bently BALANCE

    Bently BALANCE is a powerful software application for managing complex balancing problems.

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    Bently Performance
    Extends the functionality of System 1® to include online thermodynamic performance monitoring of machinery.

  • smartsignal

    Proficy SmartSignal
    Equipment deterioration is inevitable. In spite of best efforts and modern management methods, equipment still surprises us.

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    The System 1® Predictive Emissions Monitoring System (PEMS) can predict the level of stack emissions generated by combustion equipment.

    • Production Asset Reliability

      Production Asset Reliability
      GE’s Bently Nevada and Meridium have formed a partnership to create a real-time Production Asset Reliability Solution.


    Orbit-Asset Condition Monitoring effectively using the System 1 platform

    Orbit-System 1* Condition Monitoring

    Orbit-System 1 Machinery Condition Monitoring