Proximity Probes

Proximity Probes
Proximity Probes Overview

Various tip diameters and thread sizes/configurations are offered to allow measurement ranges from less than a thousandth of an inch of vibration in small, high speed machines to more than an inch of differential expansion movement in a large steam turbine, and everything in between, including the popular 80 mil range used for the majority of machinery measurements.

Proximity Probes
  • Bently Nevada 3300 XL Series

    3300 XL Series
    Offered in a wide variety of measurement range options, Bently Nevada 3300 XL Series of sensor systems are the best performing and longest lasting.

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    3300 Series
    3300 Series sensors, as the precursors to our 3300 XL series, are proven performers in machinery applications around the world.

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    Special Application
    Specifically designed to measure air gap on hydro generators and motor/ generators.

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    A wide range of of accessories for your unique application including: housings, conduits, cable seals, junction boxes, mounting brackets and more.