330450 High-Temperature Acceleration Sensor (HTAS)

High-Temperature Acceleration Sensor

The 330450 HTAS segregates the sensing element from the signal conditioning electronics, with the two permanently connected via a hard-line cable. This allows the sensing head to be mounted on surfaces with temperatures as high as +400°C (+752°F), while the signal conditioning electronics can be installed in a cooler location.







Parameters are specified from +20 to +30°C (+68 to +86°F) and 100Hz unless otherwise indicated.

Note: Operation outside the specified limits may result in false readings or loss of machine monitoring.


Sensitivity 10.2 mV/m/s2 (100 mV/g) ±5%.
Acceleration range 785 m/s2 (80 g) peak overall acceleration within the 15 to 10000 Hz frequency span.
Amplitude Linearity ±2% to 785 m/ s2 (80 g) peak.
Broadband Noise Floor (10 Hz to 15 kHz) 0.059 m/s2 (0.006 g) rms.
Frequency Response 15 to 10000 Hz (900 to 600,000 cpm) ±3dB;
40 to 4000 Hz (2400 to 240,000 cpm) ±5%
Transverse Sensitivity Less than 5% of axial.
Mounted Resonant Frequency Greater than 15 kHz.
Maximum cable length 305 metres (1000 ft) with no degradation of signal.

Power requirements

Input Voltage -24 ± 0.5 Vdc.
Bias Current 2 mA nominal.
Output Bias Voltage -12 ± 0.5 Vdc.
Grounding Case isolated.

Hazardous Area Approvals

Multiple approvals for hazardous areas certified by Canadian Standards Association (CSA/NRTL/C) in North America and by LCIE in Europe.

North America Ex ia/AEx ia for II C T4
Class I, Div 1
Groups A, B, C, and D;
Class II, Div 1, Groups E, F, and G;
Class III, Div 1, when installed per
drawing 168078.
T4 @ Ta (- 40ºC to 100ºC)
Ex nL II C T4
Class I, Div 2
Groups A, B, C, and D when installed per drawing 168078.
T4 @ Ta (- 40ºC to 100ºC)
Enclosure Type 4X
Ex II 1 G
EEx ia IIC T4
Tamb.: - 40ºC to 100ºC

Environmental Limits

Operating and storage temperature range Sensing head Maximum mounted surface temperature −55°C to +400°C (−67°F to +752°F)
Integral hardline cable −55°C to +400°
(−67°F to +752°F)
Electronics −55°C to +121°C
(−67°F to +250°F)
Shock survivability 24,535 m/s2 (2500 g) peak
Relative humidity To 100% non-submerged; case is hermetically sealed.


Weight (typical)

2 metres 635 grams (1.40 lb)
4 metres 794 grams (1.75 lb)
6 metres 953 grams (2.10 lb)
8 metres 1111 grams (2.45 lb)
Mounting See Dimensional Drawing, Figure 1
Case material 300 series stainless steel.
Connector 3-pin Mil-C-5015 receptacle, hermetically-sealed, 304 stainless steel shell.
Polarity Pin A goes positive with respect to Pin C when the applied force is from the base to the top of the sensing head.
Bend Radius Minimum bend radius of 51mm (2.0in)
Note: Please read and understand the User Guide before attempting to install and use this product.


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330450 HTAS Datasheet 330450 HTAS Datasheet