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Is Speed a Critical Measurement on Your Machine?

The 3500 Series has two choices for speed measurements. Choices include the 3500/50 for basic speed indication or the 3500/53 for overspeed protection systems that require redundant capabilities.

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3500/25 Keyphasor® Module

This module provides power and signal conditioning for two Keyphasor® transducers. Both proximity probe and magnetic pickup input types are supported. Up to two (2) 3500/25 modules can be placed in a rack to provide support for as many as four (4) Keyphasor® transducers.

3500/25 Keyphasor® Datasheet

3500/25 Keyphasor®

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3500/50 Tachometer Module

A 2-channel monitor that accepts proximity probe and magnetic pickup input types and provides speed indication, speed rate-of-change (rotor acceleration), zero speed (for turning gear engagement), or rotor direction (for reverse rotation indication) functions. Not intended for use as part of an overspeed protection system, which is addressed by 3500/53 modules instead.

3500/50 Tachometer Datasheet

3500/50 Tachometer

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3500/53 Overspeed Detection Module

Configurable single-channel tachometer module specifically designed for use as part of a 2-out-of-2 or 2-out-of-3 (recommended) overspeed protection system by providing necessary response speeds and appropriate measurement redundancy. Accepts proximity probe or magnetic pickup transducer inputs. TUV certification available.

3500/53 Overspeed Detection Datasheet

3500/53 Overspeed

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