1701 FieldMonitor™ Series - Machinery Protection System

Bently Nevada 1701 Series

Protection and Control
The FieldMonitor™ Series puts our most popular machinery protection measurements into a field-mounted, distributed I/O architecture compatible with numerous types of distributed process automation and control systems. Based on Allen-Bradley's popular Flex I/O™ line of network adapters and process I/O modules, the 1701's distributed architecture reduces installation costs and is specifically designed to meet the needs of selected machinery package customers. These system essentials provide the information and modules you need to put together the correct system for your application.




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System Overview

This document provides an overview of the FieldMonitor™ System when used with Allen-Bradley or other compatible control systems. It also provides a convenient summary of all FieldMonitor™ modules and components along with their respective part numbers and associated datasheets.

FieldMonitor™ Datasheet


FieldMonitor™ Configuration Software for RSLogix5

When the FieldMonitor™ system is connected to an Allen-Bradley programmable logic controller configured with RSLogix5 or RSLogix5000, please order the appropriate configuration software for the FieldMonitor™ hardware.

RSLogix5 Datasheet

RSLogix5000 Datasheet


1701/05 Terminal Base

The terminal base is analogous to a rack in a conventional monitoring system. It provides backplane communications between the various monitor modules and the network adapter.

1701/05 Datasheet


1701/06 FieldMonitor™ Isolator Terminal Base (ITB) and 170190 Dual Galvanic Isolator for Hazardous Areas

These items allow the FieldMonitor™ System to employ intrinsically safe transducer installations without external safety barriers. The 170190 Dual Galvanic Isolator installs directly into the ITB. It works with the 170133 and 170172 Internal Dual Proximitor® sensors. It also works with most standard Bently Nevada external Proximitor® sensors, velocity transducers, Velomitor® sensors, and accelerometers using the 170180 transducer I/O modules.

1701/06 Datasheet


1701/10 24-volt Power Supply

The 1701/10 24-volt dc Power Supply resides in a special slot in 1701/05 or 1701/06 FieldMonitor™ Terminal Bases. It provides all required logic and transducer voltages to the other FieldMonitor™ modules.

1701/10 Datasheet


Transducer Modules
Many module options are available to create the correct system for your application.
Vibration, Position and Dynamic Pressure Monitors
Vibration and position are important indicators of machine health. Get the monitoring information necessary for advanced protection.
FieldMonitor™ Series Accessories
No matter the application or location, we have accessories to help you complete your unique system design.

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1701 FieldMonitor Series Datasheet 1701 FieldMonitor Series Datasheet
1701/05 Terminal Base Datasheet 1701/05 Terminal Base Datasheet
1701/06 FieldMonitor Datasheet 1701/06 FieldMonitor Datasheet
1701/10 24-volt Power Supply Datasheet 1701/10 24-volt Power Supply Datasheet
ORBIT 1701 FieldMonitor Series ORBIT 1701 FieldMonitor Series
ORBIT 1701/06 FieldMonitor ORBIT 1701/06 FieldMonitor
RSLogix5 Datasheet RSLogix5 Datasheet
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