Underwater Probes

Underwater Probes

In submerged pump applications, the reason that equipment failures often take users by surprise is that the transducer systems in use were not installed in areas where they can collect meaningful data…i.e. underwater sensors, at the bottom of the pump. In order to allow customers the ability to place probes where they previously could not, and thereby provide meaningful diagnostic data, GE has created a number of underwater probes that can be installed in the harsh environments that exist on submerged pumps.








Electrical & Mechanical

The electrical & mechanical specifications for each of these probes is the same as standard product for the 8mm, 11mm, and 25mm systems.
Probe 100630: 3300 8mm System data sheet document ID# 141194-01
Probe 148239: 3300 11mm System data sheet document ID# 146256-01
Probe 174985: 3300 25mm System data sheet document ID# 163236

Environmental Limits

Probe Temperature Range
Operating and Storage Temperature: -51 °C to +177 °C (-60 °F to +351°F)
Probe Pressure: Rated to seal 34 Bar (500 psi) Nitrogen. Modifications are available for applications involving higher pressures. Contact a Sales Representative if your application requires a test of the pressure seal.

Note: It is the responsibility of the customer or user to ensure that all liquids and gases are contained and safely controlled should leakage occur from a proximity probe. Bently Nevada, LLC will not be held responsible for any damages resulting from leaking proximity probes.

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Underwater Probes Datasheet Underwater Probes Datasheet