USLT2000 From GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies Now Has USB Connectivity

Huerth, Germany — March 31, 2009.

The USLT 2000 ultrasonic testing system from GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies is now supplied with a USB interface. This replaces the former PCMCIA Card interface and will ensure universal connectivity with customers’ standard PCs. The modification has been carried to allow users, especially, those carrying out spotweld checks in the automotive sector, to achieve easier connectivity between USLT2000 ultrasonic equipment and their own standard PC notebooks.

The USLT 2000 is an ultrasonic dialog instrument which has been specially developed for testing the variety of welds, bondings and solders used in the automotive industry. It is connected to a standard PC and features purpose-designed software to provide universal evaluation options for detected indications to meet both national and international test specifications. It also offers high resolution display of results to facilitate rapid sentencing.

Quality management is a vital part of any automotive inspection program and QA systems require the sharing and storing of inspection data. To date, data sharing has been effected by a removable PCMCIA interface card. However, inspectors in the automotive sector are increasingly using Notebooks without a PCMCIA interface and this has necessitated the design of the USB interface solution.

As Paul Buschke, sales manager, automotive segment, remarks, “As market leaders in this field, we are very close to our customers. Consequently, when our customers make suggestions that could help us maintain our market leadership, we always listen. This has been very much the case with the development of the USLT USB.”

The USLT  USB retains all the features and benefits of the field proven USLT 2000. It operates in a Windows environment , which means that test reports can be generated in Excel and all settings and findings can be stored in the Access database. Operation is via the PC keyboard, or mouse, or via a remote control having eight assignable instrument functions.

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